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Barry Brilliant
The creator of colorful business cards you can make in minutes on the web
Bill Atkinson
A wonderful, sweet, intelligent man, and a dear friend
Bill's Photography: Nature Images
Blair Newman
A brilliant man and a close friend who died before his time
Brian Zisk
Casey Palowitch
Princeton's Web Project Leader maintains a cool set of links
Chris Gray
I met Crystal when he was the curator of an anarchist library in Santa Cruz. Now he's a professor of Cultural Studies in Montana.
Claire Griffin
My closest friend (and sorely in need of a web page!)
Craig Newmark
Provider of the SF Bay-Area craigs-list.
Dave Farber
Creator and maintainer of the Interesting People list
David "rat ratman [who can do?] ratmandu[!]" Ratcliffe
Author of numerous excellent raves, I "e-met" Dave during the Gulf War. His site, rat house reality, ratical branch offers many interesting and thought-provoking diversions.
David Henkel-Wallace (Gumby)
Co-Founder of Cygnus Support, now starting, "to bring privacy and reliability to the Internet."
Elaine Sosa, the Road Sage
A freelance food and travel writer (The Road Sage), creator and leader of Javawalks in San Francisco, and the love of my life.
Esther Dyson
Publisher/Editor of Release 1.0
Fen Labalme
Some of Fen's favorite quotes
Henry Labalme
Founder and Chief Executive of TV-Free America   Oh, and he's my cousin, too!
Howard Rheingold
Colorful thinker, deadhead, WELL contributor, brainstormer, and author of many books
Jeremiah ("TT")
Jerry Garcia 1942-1995
The Jerry Site has a discography, tape exchange and lots more info
John December
Interested in Internet-based CMC, hypermedia & publishing
John Perry Barlow
Retired Wyoming cattle rancher, a former lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
John Lennon
Playboy Interview, January 1981 (also here)
Julia Menapace
Justin Hall
Levi Kruger
Little Suzy
Author of Slippery When Wet
Moe Zimmerberg
Staff member of The Tutorial School
Newfoundland Dogs
Well, they're almost people...
Paxus Calta
Anarchy: it's not the law, it's just a good idea.
Phil Agre
A thinker of informational, social and philosophical studies, and editor of the Red Rock Eater News Service
Rabbit aka Steven Daniel Mentor
Rich Pasco
the famous Javacat
Stan Dale
Founder of the Human Awareness Institute
Swami Beyondanada
The FUNdamentalist Humanifesto
Timothy Leary
"Turn on, tune in, drop out"
Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes
Grand hosts of
Pix from July 4, 1998
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