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CoMedia Consulting provides a wide range of network consulting services, system architecture, programming and security/privacy solutions. To ensure growth and freedom from liability, companies must address concerns relating to the robustness - as well as the security and privacy - of their systems, particularly when customer information is involved. We can help you identify weak links and define and implement solutions tailored to your needs.

CoMedia's chief technologist, Fen Labalme, has over 20 years of UNIX and networking experience. His areas of expertise include network architecture, programming, security, and privacy-enabling technologies. We are available for hire on a short or long-term project basis and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Further, CoMedia supports ongoing research into privacy-enabled personalization systems, such as OpenPrivacy and Broadcatch Technologies that supply the underlying framework for the Identity Commons and Engage America. These projects were borne from Fen's thesis work on personalized news delivery systems while at M.I.T.

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Network, Security and Software Engineering Services

CoMedia Consulting has broad networking experience that can help with everything from defining network requirements to the specification and installation of network hardware and software. Recently we have helped several companies redefine their networks with enhanced DNS services, fault-tolerant load-balanced servers and firewalls.

Is your IT bursting at the seams? pipes too thin? Is the load simply too great for your existing infrastructure? We can analyze your network, pinpoint the bottlenecks and build solutions that will facilitate your company's continued growth.

Is your email secure? Are your sites safe from crackers? If you're online, it's possible (and even likely) that someone is watching (and tracking) you. How paranoid should you be, and what can you do about it? Will packet filtering and NAT suffice? Or is there a stateful firewall and VPN in your future? We have some answers.

Need some software written? CoMedia has experience in engineering and developing systems, using languages ranging from Lisp to Java and tools including UML and XML. Our strength lies in architecting systems designed for easy, long-term maintainability.

Some examples of our work include:

Engage America
Chief Technology Officer of a non-profit startup
Identity Commons
Chief Technology Officer of a not-for-profit startup
2001 - 2002 (founder and chief technologist)
An Open Source collection of software frameworks, protocols and services providing a cryptographically secure and distributed platform for creating, maintaining, and selectively sharing user profile information.
Insight, Strategy & Logic
Complete network overhaul, including extensive DNS restructuring, email server transitions, Cisco router updates and firewalling. Installed CVS fileserver and helped team migrate to it from Visual SourceSafe.
DNS and Sendmail overhaul
The Web PIM
Site definition and hosting
The Road Sage
Lumeria Inc. (co-founder)
co-wrote An Infomediary Approach to the Privacy Problem
Bookmark City
The Human Awareness Institute (complete redesign)
The Media Bar
The Broadcatch-enabled Venue Operating System
Find a K56Flex ISP
Edge of the Net
Songline Studios
Web Review
Ferndale (removed August 1997)
The Movie Critic
George Coates Performance Works (ongoing network maintenance)
California State Legislature
New York Times Classifieds
The Human Awareness Institute
Broadcatch Technologies (founder)
Privacy enhanced marketing and reputation-based infomediary services based on OpenPrivacy
The Creativity Cafe
The WELL's Peace Conference (removed May 1999)
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