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Blair Newman

Born 1946. Died June 1, 1990.

If Blair were alive today, he would surely have his belt-clip pager hooked into the World Wide Web.

We loved him. We sometimes couldn't stand him. We miss his midnight calls to tune our TVs to some interesting broadcast.

May you, dear friend, Rest in Peace. May your bits enjoy ultimate bandwidth!

More will go into this page soon. I hope to soon have permission to link the text from the WELL's archive #162, a tribute to Blair one year after his death on the First of June, 1990.

I also may link in his obituary and (again, depending upon permissions and other factors) some or all of the 285 responses of the WELL's news topic #293 that were posted in the two weeks following his death. I also have a set of news clips that mention Blair (what search tool was used? NEXIS?) and Howard Rheingold's "Best of Blair", which I can certainly include once I edit it a wee bit.

Certainly I will link in more info about baudcasting, Metaview, smarTV, and other topics. I have a picture, but I'd need to get it scanned. Other suggestions?

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