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CoMedia Consulting

CoMedia Consulting can help with your networking needs, such as:
When your information does venture out across the wires, it is essentially broadcast to the world so that anyone (with a sufficient amount of technical knowledge) choosing to eavesdrop can do so. Strong yet simple-to-use cryptographic mechanisms such as Virtual Private Networking (VPN) can be employed to prevent such tapping.

Once connected to the Internet, your servers may be subject to unwanted use and/or abuse by people (crackers) who may not respect the rules for use or boundaries of access that you have set up. Software and hardware techniques, known collectively as firewalling, can provide varying degrees of protection from such unwarranted access. CoMedia can analyze your needs, suggest a course of action and implement solutions.

Communications design
CoMedia is comfortable with everything from a 28.8K modem to an OC-48 fiber channel and has experience configuring Cisco and Bay routers. In addition, we can hook up email servers e.g. Sendmail and Qmail. We're also well-versed in web proxies, network monitors and related applications.

Choosing the right service provider, obtaining a domain name and configuring your name server are just a few of the many services that we offer in this area. Our experience gives you confidence that the choices you make will support you and your business for years to come.

Hardware and Operating system selection
Your budget and operating requirements are key in determining what hardware and operating system you will use. CoMedia is at home on Mac, UNIX and Windows NT 4.0+ based systems. We can help you specify, purchase and configure your new system and integrate it with existing equipment.

Applications and Tools
We can help you specify, obtain and configure tools to help you make the most of your computers and networks. We have extensive experience working with and more!

Logging and Auditing
Auditing the usage of your site can both help you profile its usage (and thus tune it to your customer base) and provide insights into market or social trends.

Network and Web-Based Programming
Perl, Java and databases help create compelling, unique and context-sensitive web site experiences. We have a deep background in CGI and have been moving more and more systems to Java in recent months.

Coping with information overload
This is the primary mission of our sister company, Broadcatch Technologies. In the meantime, we can help you integrate several existing technologies (searching, indexing, web spidering and robots) to help with this ever-growing challenge.
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